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100% Real Mink Hair】Made of 100% Siberian mink hair,vivid glamorous and shiny.You will look like a doll or an alluring women depends on your personality by wearing these mink eyelashes

【Cruelty-free Mink Hair】These fine fibers come from the tails of artificial breeding minks’ natural falling hair and are sanitized and dyed before they’re packaged as easy-to-install eyelashes
【More Comfortable】Real mink eyelash feels more comfortable than any brand of synthetic lashes.They are soft & smooth,natural curved
【Easier to USE】Easy To Install with thick flexible band,hypoallergenic,no harm to your eyes,can be reused more than 5 times with proper care.Use eyelash adhesive on the band,then install the eyelashes to your own human lashes


【Material】:100% Siberian Mink Hair


【Terrier】:Plastics and Cotton





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